Square Plastic Vase

Volume: 1.65 L

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Anti-spiralization square vase

DOIS provides different flower pots to satisfy every grower. Generally, common flower pots contain a few drainage holes in the bottom, which very often prevent water from flowing properly. This represents a big problem for cannabis plants, as these types of plants do not particularly like soil that is too wet.
In case of incorrect drainage, the substrate in the pot can very quickly turn into a puddle, the consequence of which is a lack of oxygen which attacks the roots and destroys them. To avoid these dramas, the flower pots in this line are designed to allow excess water to flow optimally, making cultivation more pleasant and safe.

Furthermore, the square shape avoids the spiraling effect of the roots, allowing better rooting and absorption of nutrients in order to obtain faster and more vigorous growth.

This product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation.



1.65 litres

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