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Royal Queen Seeds Blue Cheese Auto

Blue Cheese Automatic cannabis seeds are a cross between Blueberry Automatic and Cheese Automatic, a plant that has been perfected over five years during which the best generations were carefully selected. The result is an autoflowering, feminized strain with superior effects, flavors and yields when compared to its parents.

Blue Cheese Automatic can be grown both outdoors and indoors, the plant adapts well to any type of temperature and needs a large amount of light. Thanks to its small size, it is excellent for growing on a balcony, on a terrace or in other secluded growing places. If the nights are cold the plant will turn purple, however its early harvest dates mean this is rare. Yields reach 325-375g/m² indoors and 60-110g/plant outdoors. The buds are heavy and very rich in resin.

Autoflowering Blue Cheese plants love sunlight which is why the best time to plant them outdoors is mid-May or early June. An excellent method to improve soil aeration is to add 30% coconut; this will improve root growth and ensure the plant reaches its maximum potential. As with all autoflowering plants, this one also needs to be watered little but frequently and must be given the opportunity to receive light constantly. Blue Cheese Automatic is a plant that will not disappoint growers thanks also to the fact that it does not need continuous care and is not very difficult to grow.


The plant flowers in 7-8 weeks and will be ready for harvest in 10 weeks so that those who grow it outdoors do not have to fear the first autumn frosts. This plant is a favorite for outdoor growers thanks to its short growing period, even if you plant it in a year where the summer is very short, Blue Cheese will not suffer from the first cold. At full maturity the plant is small, but don't let its modest size put you off. Blue Cheese Automatic plants offer you a very rich harvest and its buds have a very high THC content.


The characteristics of this plant are undoubtedly a big plus, but many growers buy this plant for its scent and flavor. In fact, this plant is the perfect blend between the parent strains. The buds are very fragrant and their odor can be felt throughout the room. You will notice a strong sweet and fruity flavor with a strong, but pleasant skunky flavor. The flavor is similar to that of berries and spices with a cream cheese aftertaste. The plant has a high level of THC and low CBD percentages. The smoke is moist and aromatic and does not cause any kind of dryness. The resin and THC content make it a favorite for those who love smoking hash.


People who smoke Blue Cheese Automatic say they had a relaxed, uplifting high and felt an enveloping sensation of calm. This plant also has excellent results in the development of creativity and ingenuity. It is perfect for relaxing after a long day or for having fun when you are with your partner. This plant does not have any side effects.

This plant has won several awards and is one of the most loved among growers thanks to its flavor and the ability to grow it in many different conditions. Her buds are nice and shiny which makes her great for anyone who wants to smoke. Blue Cheese Automatic is a plant that will give you satisfaction, perfect seeds for those who love quality marijuana.


    • THC: 16%

    • CBD: Low

    • Indoor yields: 325 - 375 g/m2

    • Outdoor yields: 60-110 gr/plant

    • Indoor height: 40 - 70 cm

    • Outdoor height: 60 - 110 cm

    • Flowering Time: 7 - 8 Weeks

    • Harvest month: 9-10 weeks after germination

    • Genetic Heritage: Blueberry x Cheese x Ruderalis

    • Type: Sativa 35% Indica 40% Ruderalis 25%

    • Effect: Cerebral and energizing

    • Flavour: Sweet, Fruity

    • Climate: Mild
All information contained is for informational and educational purposes only. We urge all users not to make any practical use of this information in connection with cannabis seeds. In fact, let us remember that:

In Italy the cultivation of cannabis seeds is prohibited (Art. 28 and 73 of Presidential Decree 309/90) if you do not have a specific authorization (Art. 17 Presidential Decree 309/90)

Therefore, cannabis seeds may be used exclusively for collecting purposes and for genetic preservation and are marketed with the reservation that they are not used by third parties in conflict with the law. Cannabis seeds are excluded from Presidential Decree 309/90, which means that they are not to be considered narcotic substances (L. 412 of 1974, Art. 1, Paragraph 1, Letter B; New York single convention on narcotics of 1961 and table 1 Ministry of Health decree 11 April 2006).

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