STEWART GARDEN - Propagator greenhouse 52x42x24 cm


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Propagator Serretta 52x42x24 cm

The Stewart Garden Premium Propagator is a valid aid for both novice growers and more experienced growers, guaranteeing high quality reproduction, respecting all the needs of the seedlings during the germination phase. The lightweight transparent cover has adjustable ventilation that makes it easy to control airflow. The base tray represents a growing space specially designed to stand the test of time.


    • Measurements: 52cm x 42cm x 24cm.

    • Internal measurements: 52cm x 42cm x 24cm.

    • Volume: 19.7 L

    • Transparent lid with adjustable ventilation.

    • Made from recyclable materials.

    • Long-lasting plastic bottom.

    • Creates a protected and bright environment for the growth of seedlings.

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